Ndlovu Youth Choir & Master KG Live from Robben Island

Ndlovu Youth Choir & Master KG Live from Robben Island

This was a passion project which involved many amazing contributors. Firstly, I would like to thank the incredibly talented Ndlovu Youth Choir and the man of the moment Master KG. Your performances under such harsh weather conditions was incredible and you were all such a pleasure to work with. You are an example of South African talent and what we can do when we pull together.

To my crew and fellow Production partners:
Funktion Koncepts and Hamman Drones, thanks for your tireless work.

This project cost us more than we would of liked, yet we soldiered on without any thanks or mention and for some of us, no financial gain. We put our gear at risk against the elements because we knew the importance of this project, raising awareness for an industry that was on its final legs at that stage.

Its a pity that many of the organizations and institutions that were put in place to support this project and many more like this, never lifted a finger or did as promised, but we still delivered an amazing outcome despite this.

Again.. I would like to thank all involved and those who really made this happen.